Ivan Naida, Deputy General Director

It is very pleasant to see almost all of our colleagues taking part in the exhibition alongside our company this year; it is pleasant to see that the exhibition is thriving and people want to visit it. We thank organizers for giving the old partners such an opportunity to meet and discuss topical issues of the market.


aks-treidAKS Trade
Anna Gavrilova, Head of Sales Department

Impressions are positive. The exhibition is reviving in my opinion. The interest is great for everything. A lot of visitors, which is inspiring.

I wish the organizers to continue holding the event at the same high level, so that people would want to come here, to exhibit, to communicate, so that this format, this spirit, would be sustained.


luxorLUXOR International
Sanjai Dhar, General Manager

We had good negotiations with many customers and I think that starting from this exhibition we can further develop our market and our writing accessories in Ukraine. I think this is a well-organized exhibition for Ukraine.


Aivaras Sidla, Director

The activity is very high. We see that those who come are interested in what we do. We are very glad that we match to local companies with our designs.

We were represented at many exhibitions across Europe last year and I can say that this exhibition is probably the liveliest one we saw.


vivat-logoVladislav Stamburskiy, "VIVAT TRADING" LLC:

"Our company has not decided to participate in the exhibition immediately. There were some doubts about the reasonability of this event. But now I can say for sure it was the right decision. In a rapidly changing market and its current state, an additional opportunity to meet with our customers at the level of top officials gave an energy boost for further joint forward movement. Thanks to the organizers of the exhibition – “ACCO International" company for the excellent organization of the main event of the year for the stationery market of Ukraine"

arnikaYuriy Fedorchuk, "ARNIKA" LTD:

"The exhibition has shown that the market is reviving. We hope for further growth and we believe that by the next exhibition we will exceed pre-crisis sales volumes"

loksiIgor Gimpelson, “LOKSI" LTD:

"Very positive emotions. There was a good energy. The market needs positive. A lot of new market players"

perspektiva-slavutichSergiy Chesnokov, "PERSPECTIVE-SLAVUTICH" PC:

"As a manufacturer, we got a new energy from this exhibition and a hope to load our production plant at full capacity"

trodatYuriy Kosenko, "TRODAT-Ukraine" LLC:

"Thank God, the event was held. It was a successful exhibition for "Trodat" company"

form sPavel Sobolev, "Form S” LTD:

"This exhibition has confirmed the need for the annual live meetings, contrary to the opinion of skeptics about the reasonability of the event.
Taking into account the positive mood during the event and a positive charge after it, I can say with confidence that the exhibition has succeeded, and, I believe, should be held in its annual format"

feniks-s Oleg Mikhailichenko, "Phoenix-S" LTD:

"The exhibition "World of Stationery 2016" gave us a hope for the resurgence of stability in our country"


previous years


Clement Liure, International Sales Manager, Stabilo International GmbH, Heroldsberg, Shvanenveg, Germany:

"My general impression of the last show was positive because a lot of the major market participants were present here. It was possible to gather a lot of useful information about the market and to find interesting contacts.

Speaking about Ukrainian market trends, I want to mention a growing brand awareness; that is a sign of market maturity. Premium brands are starting to find their place in the market.

The main feature of the Ukrainian market of office supplies is the dominance of private brands, as well as inexpensive pens.

The market is very dependent on pricing; prices are dictated by market players.

The growth of international brands is a relatively new phenomenon for Ukraine. Retailers and consumers are in need of branded, high-quality products. And the Ukrainian market develops quite rapidly in this direction".


Ivanna Gonchar, Wholesale Sales Manager, TM UKRBOARDS, Kiev:

"It was the first time that UKRBOARDS TM took part in the show, so our expectations were fully realized. Despite the fact that we are successfully promoting our products to the Ukrainian market for a few years already, participation in the exhibition brought obvious advantages and gave a possibility to express ourselves.

What were the effects of participation for our company? Visibility, live chat, personal meetings, some solemnity and ease at the same time created a special atmosphere, favorable for the development of business!".


Natalia Antropova, Director, "Lesma" Company, Kiev:

"This was the first time our company took part in the "World of Stationery" exhibition. And, of course, the main goal was to present our company to the market. We have successfully achieved our aim.

The exhibition stroked us by its volume and the number of visitors.

In spite of a not very good location of our stand, we were able to attract a large number of clients and to make friendly and promising contacts.

Unfortunately, we failed to attend seminars. We will try to make up for the next participation.

I would like to thank the organizers of the exhibition for well-arranged work!"


Irina Krasutskaya, Director, "2x3 Ukraine" Company, Kiev:

"I can say that this year's exhibition was held under the motto "Let’s prepare for school season”." A lot of school supplies and office products were presented. In my opinion, the stationery market is saturated with office accessories. We do not have to expect the sales increase because the general state of the Ukrainian economy is in poor condition. Market falls, that is why so many “big players”, who operate in the field of children's goods and school supplies, bet on them. I am a mother of two sons with an age difference of 14 years, and I can surely say that in spite of any market crashes, you will always buy your children high-quality goods for creativity and learning. Therefore, the stake of stationery companies on the market of school supplies is correct. All the best - to children".


Aleksandr Korolko, Director, FLC (“Persha Lіtsenzіyna Kompanija"), Kiev:

"In comparison with the last year, demand for licensed products apparently grew up. Ukrainian market showed a high level of competence and awareness of leading brands. Collections of well-known brands Planes, Princess, Monster High, Barbie, etc. were of great interest to visitors of our booth. Extremely elegant and sophisticated youth franchises Winx Fairy Couture, Catalina Estrada and Lollipops were a pleasant surprise and the unexpected discovery that impressed many fair visitors.

Speaking about the results, we met with a lot of new companies at the show, talked to our customers and discussed the results of the joint work of the past year. Also, we demonstrated novelties of the present and the following season and decided on the basic directions of work for the coming year. For our company, participation in this exhibition was very effective.


Anna Pylypenko, Marketer, "Top, Company", Dnepropetrovsk:

"This exhibition was eventful and fruitful. I would like to note active attendance of our stand (including Stabilo), lively interest of visitors to products, as well as a large number of effective business meetings with tried-and-true and potential partners.

Speaking about the visitors, I shall mention slight growth in the number of Internet commerce representatives. Also, the number of participants operating in school sector increased (in particular, "Papirus" company started working in this direction).

We also noticed a lot of goods with a focus on ergonomics, as well as goods for left-handers.

An unpleasant surprise was the presence of 'pirate' products with illegal use of licensed characters on the stands of some companies (in particular Winx).

The number of exhibitors is increasing, but the existing exhibition center no longer meets the requirements of spaciousness and efficient organization of exhibition space. This is especially felt in the importation and exportation of exhibits and equipment. We wish organizers to move to the new, more spacious pavilion!"


Elena Litvinenko, Brand Manager, TM Buromax, "Import-Office” Company, Kiev:

"Exhibition is a kind of a miniature model of the market, and the booth - a model of the company. In order to understand how the company works, it is enough to look at the work at its booth. Exhibition is always a great opportunity to show your company to good advantage. Our company is not an exception. Each year we carefully prepare for this event, because clearly realize that "World of Stationery" is not only a demonstration of new products, but also a great opportunity to attract new customers, to familiarize oneself with novelties of other companies, to search for suppliers and manufacturers. After all, every year the geography of exhibitors becomes more and more interesting and diverse".

According to the "KARANDASH" magazine 

Ali Ciftcioglu, Member of Board

Pensan Group is the leading producer for writing instruments and school stationery products with 3 production facilities in Turkey. We are very positive and hopefull for the future of Ukrainian market although it is not easy times nowadays in the market. We believe that young generation and highly developed consumer habits will make Ukraine one of the most important markets in East Europe. We prepare ourselves to be one of the leading stationery brands in the near future.

Ivan Novianto Nugroho, territorial manager, Tjiwi Kimia company, Indonesia: "We participated in the Ukrainian exhibition for the first time. Our goal was to establish contacts and find the most popular products in Ukraine. However, we got more than we expected: we were able to make contacts not only with Ukrainian companies, but also with some other countries: Russia, Turkey, Poland and Bulgaria.

We deal with wholesalers, supermarkets and retailers and to in order to make our cooperation mechanisms effective, we need to deliver goods from Indonesia to Ukraine no later than in May (before the beginning of school year). So our goal is to take care of the second half year of 2012.
I can say that the show is good, but we would like it to take place in a larger pavilion, because the more participants, the greater the chance for our company to successfully introduce our products in Ukraine. Our potential buyers are not only visitors, but also participants."

Krzysztof Kaleta, senior manager, The Walt Disney Company CEE, Poland: "If to speak about business activity, this year's exhibition was better than the previous one: more participants and visitors, and favorable state of the industry. I was especially pleased to see that control over licensed products became more severe - almost no fakes.

We clearly see the increasing importance of licensed products and growth in the number of franchises. This trend is now popular in Ukraine and it makes the market more mature and more similar to European markets of office supplies. Also, I saw changes in the segment of high quality goods: even now, in the crisis period, parents choose high quality products when purchasing school supplies for their children."<.p>

Sergei Khlebnikov, director of "CHASPIK" Company, Lviv: "We did not expect much from participation. We had meetings with the partners, which allowed to get a clear picture of the state of the Ukrainian stationery market.

The first positive trend is consolidation of companies operating in the stationery market. The second trend - strict market relations between market participants, even among members of UAPKT."

Svetlana Eremenko, marketer, "VIVAT Company", Chernigov:" The aim of the exhibition is to present new products that appear at the stationery market. That is why we have seen wide range of new products. We were pleased to see the development of the "products for creativity" segment - we have seen a lot of interesting and unexpected novelties: origami paper becomes more and more popular in Ukraine.

If to speak about the business program, presentation of The Walt Disney Company was helpful. It was interesting to learn about the novelties and premieres, which are expected around the world and in Ukraine and surely will become a powerful engine of progress."

Anna Pilipenko, marketer, "TOP Company", Dnepropetrovsk:" First of all, I would like to mention a decent level of organization and high attendance rate. Interest in the industry is increasing every year, as evidenced by the number of regular and new visitors.

Speaking about the novelties, I noticed a significant increase in the range of products for children's creativity and development, as well as a series of professional art materials. The market of licensed products expanded greatly. Leading stationery companies have a rule to keep a set of popular children's licenses in their portfolio.

Our company, a regular participant of the exhibition, presented a line of licensed products. We added a large number of new products and designs."

According to the "KARANDASH" magazine

Judy Yan, Marketing department manager of BEIFA Group, China

It's the first time when our company participates in Ukrainian trade fair. First of all I would like to mention the decent level of organization and high attendance of the event. The main purpose of BEIFA Group is the market monitoring, presentation of new trademarks, acquaintance with Ukrainian distributors. In the end of 2010 except of the former BEIFA brand we added 4 new sub-brands: A plus (Office), WMZ (stationery), Go green (environmentally friendly), Bexpromo (promotion). Thanks to the exhibition "World of Stationery' 2011" we can safely say about great and frequent delivery of our goods to Ukraine.

Mariano Garcia Algarra, General Manager SporTandem, Spain

We participate in "World of Stationery" by very simple reason. Our company SporTandem bought an exclusive license for the right to manufacture and sell products timed to coincide with EURO 2012 throughout Europe. Our main purpose is to acquaint the Ukrainian market with our products. Competitive feature of our products is individuality and exclusivity because the entire range is updated every season. We already have several contacts of companies with which we'll continue to work after the fair.

Natalia Gurina, Director of the Marketing Department, company "Stamm", Russian

We participate in "World of Stationery' 2011" for the second time. First we came to Ukraine three years ago and we only acquaint with your market and assess our capacity for that time. Today we are accumulating a customer base and very actively negotiate. Overall we are very pleased, the fair is very productive, a lot of active visitors. STAMM company's assortment comprises more than 450 items. We work for 4 main areas: office stationery, school supplies, writing and drawing utensils. The main advantage of "STAMM" is that all the products displayed on our stand is available in one place, the entire line of own manufacture made ??from natural raw materials which are certified. We are also working on special order.

Yavuz Girdap, head of export department, PENSAN KALEM SANAYI TICARET, Turkey

We represent our products to Ukrainian market for the first time, but we have already become familiar with the industry and draw some conclusions. As we are the leading manufacturer of ballpens and gelpens in Turkey our management take the decision to develop the company and finding new companies abroad. Not so long ago we opened two representatives of our company in Odessa and Kharkov and now we are planning to expand and to open a branch in Kiev. I think that through the exhibition we will be able not only to find right partners and to make good deals but also to introduce our products to Ukraine more detailed.

Olga Zhdanova, head of the marketing department of Design Trading company, Ukraine

It's pleased to note that we have exceeded our scheduled plan by attracting new customers during the exhibition. The first day we signed contracts with three major potential partners. Regarding new products represented at the exhibition this year we decided to present two brands Shredders. It's totally new items, qualitatively different from previous models. Our company also opens an entirely new direction the board for presentation. Previously, we have notified our customers about innovations, but to explore the range, they could only during the exhibition.

Andrey Parhomenko, head of department for work with wholesale customers of "Trodat-Ukraine" company, Ukraine

We participate in the trade fair for long ago. First of all it's a trendy event for us. But all the same exhibition remains to be one of the most effective ways to attract new partners, customers. Today we present a completely new design of the entire product range and look at the reaction of our visitors. Both we and representatives of trademarks are glad with the results of the fair.

Olga Segedina, head of marketing department and work with advertisement agencies of "Bureau-Crat" company, Ukraine

My compliments to the organizers! The exhibition came up to all expectations - a lot of permanent and new visitors, interest in the sector is certainly growing every day and it's really pleased. We've already hold about ten successful negotiations with potential customers, partners, have planned several meetings for the future. As for the novelties presented by "Bureau-Crat" I can allocate the assortment of Maped brand. Annually it's presented about 50-100 new products which was represented at the fair in Dusseldorf  and then in Kiev.

"This year’s exhibition has pleased us and, I think, that all operators of stationery market, too. In comparison with the previous year, the scale and the number of exhibitors have increased, appeared new participants, production, exciting solutions and designs. That’s why we can state that stationery market, as compared with the past year, came to life. "
Svetlana Samokhina, Marketing Director of VIVAT Distribution Ltd.", Chernihov

 "Participation in the exhibition exceeded our expectations. The most important thing in participating in the exhibition is the number of target visitors. In our opinion, "World of Stationery 2010" exhibition surpassed trade fairs, held in 2008 and 2009. It brought a decent amount of contact information for further processing of complementary part of the market."
Andrey Nazarko, manager of "Polimer" PE, Gorodok

 "Participation in the "World of Stationery 2010" exhibition was very fruitful for our company, much better than the previous year. Our expectations were surpassed”.
Sergei Gugnivenko, director of "Hellas" Ltd., Kiev

"There were a lot of visitors at the exhibition and the audience was thematically directed at our tasks: Baden expands the range of its partners from 2009, i.e. those who sell goods through shops or offices”.
Dmitry Solovyov, director of "Baden-Project", Kiev

 "We are satisfied with the exhibition! And very pleased with the quality of work and the mood of visitors”.
Alexey Filimonov, director of "BUREAU-CRAT", Kiev

 "The exhibition was fruitful for our company. We succeeded in communicating with our partners and potential partners. Our company was represented by employees at the exhibition, including stationery products trade-marketing manager from France. The exhibition made an impression on her. According to her, this year’s Ukrainian exhibition is much more interesting than that held in Russia last year."
 Jaroslav Krasnyavsky Manager, Key Account Manager of DP "BIC Ukraine”, Kiev

"This year’s exhibition showed that Ukrainian stationery market experienced crisis quite well. All major operators remained on the market. We are very pleased with the results of the exhibition. There was little idle talk, mainly specific negotiations and agreements. Probably, everybody has understood that business is not an entertainment, but hard work."
Sergei Donets, marketing manager of the PE "Top Company", Dnepropetrovsk



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