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On 21-24 March the World of Stationery exhibition was successfully held in Kiev. It united the largest Ukrainian suppliers and 3700 visitors. The show strengthened the results of its previous editions in terms of the number of participants, and was memorable due to large sophisticated stands, and an impressive number of novelties. The exhibition has also returned to its traditional, four-days-long schedule.

The 18th Specialized Exhibition World of Stationery inspired optimism. While the number of participants has grown slightly less than 10%, all square meters of the ACCO International Exhibition Center were occupied with stands. The scale and designs of the expositions demonstrated the business optimism of the stationery market players, as well as communication and negotiations that did not stop till the very end of the working hours of the exhibition. What is not surprising as this year’s World of Stationery was attended by 3694 people.

There were plenty of topics for conversation at the site as the exhibitors presented 238 brands of products made by well-known world and Ukrainian manufacturers. In 25 product categories at World of Stationery there where everything you need for school, office, work. The exhibition featured school stationery and paper products, including school notebooks, drawing albums, sketch books, notebooks and diaries; writing accessories (from mass to exclusive brands); goods and technology for offices; school and office boards and flipcharts; printed products for children; and an impressive selection of products for hobbies and creativity for all ages.

Nevertheless, not only the exhibitors were able to surprise visitors with new names, but the organizers too. More than 30% of the companies participating in the exhibition were not represented last year. The list of the largest exhibitors covered CENTRUM INTERNATIONAL, LINC PEN & PLASTICS, WINNER-STILE, AKS TRADE, ARNICA, BRISK, VIVAT TRADING, VITEL, 2X3 UKRAINE, COLOP, IMPORT-OFFICE UKRAINE, LIDER-KANZ, LOKSI, ODESSA-OPT, PAPIRUS UNIVERSAL, PERSPECTIVE-SLAVUTICH, PODILLYA PRINTING HOUSE, ROSA, RAYDUGA TRADE, TASCOM, TETRADA, TOP, TRODAT-UKRAINE, SHKOLYARYK and others.

No matter how beautiful and atmospheric the large companies’ stands were, the exhibition inspired visitors to look at each stand, because each had something interesting.

A major Ukrainian supplier and manufacturer PAPIRUS UNIVERSAL has resumed its participation in the exhibition and, of course, brought novelties with him! In 2018, the company presented pens of its own production, fully manufactured in Ukraine, as well as text and permanent markers. Notebooks and diaries with leatherette and Balacron covers, as well as notebooks with pages divider, with a plastic color cover in ethnic and universe thematic series. PAPIRUS has also launched textured and two-sided plastic folders manufacture this year. Textile collection for 2018, presented, contained pencil cases, school and preschool backpacks, including those made at PAPIRUS factories. The assortment of imported brands widened with STA art markers: acrylic, watercolor, alcohol and metallic effect markers.

The amount novelties for writing at this year’s World of Stationery was so big it would be difficult to describe them all. So, an Indian company Linc Pen & Plastics Limited came to get acquainted with the Ukrainian market. Flex Office brand has also had its successful premiere. And easy to write pens by CELLO brand were exhibited at one of the most remarkable stands of the TOP Company.

Good pens were exhibited just close to excellent notebooks. Shkolyarik Company presented its new notebooks in an integrated cover with the effect of soft-touch, new designs of albums for drawing on gluing and on a spiral, twin notebooks of A5 and A6 formats. The product range also includes notebooks and albums with licensed Disney and Regal Academy designs.

Growing popularity of environmental friendly goods should be noted as a trend this year. There was PARUS-PLUS company that proclaimed nature safety as their philosophy and introduced office paper brands Lettura (Germany) and Nautilus (Austria), which are 100% made from recycled materials.

By the way, there is eco-friendly stationery made in Ukraine as well. KIRI SKETCH trademark produces notepads, sketchbooks, drawing albums, diaries in covers made of wood, cork, recycled cardboard and craft. Pens that company produces are made from cardboard and bioplastics.

Along with that ANKOR DA Company showed how to take care of companies’ staff. The official representative of a number of brands of office goods and equipment, it introduced solutions under Kensington TM: ergonomic back cushions, footstools, monitor stands and mouse pads.

The novelty demonstrated at 2x3 UKRAINE stand was also called to make a better life in the office. It is a series of office boards with a marker or textile surface, which can simultaneously serve as partitions, separating workplaces or a meeting room. They are mounted on a neat stand, which can optionally be mobile, and can be one- or two-sectional and bend in height.

Creative people and handmade hobbies’ fans could also enrich with fresh ideas at the exhibition. The attractive and colorful stand of ROSA presented recently issued professional watercolor art paints and sets of oil and acrylic paints ROSA Gallery, oil paints ROSA Studio. There were also acrylic paints for decorating and fabric painting, notebooks, brushes, stencils and much more. The group of companies ROSA also imports a huge amount of goods for creativity under the most famous world brands.

While getting acquainted with new companies and goods, the guests of the "World of Stationery" could also pay attention to their education. The conference halls were busy with seminars: on retail stores management and organization of business in the production of souvenirs, the role of social responsibility of companies. The experts also discussed email marketing for online stores owners. Odessa-OPT Company introduced a new school collection of KIDDIS trademark.

In short, World of Stationery exhibition offered business people many reasons to communicate and have some new thoughts about their business. However, the participants found an opportunity for good deeds too. They once again united around a charitable initiative and gathered stationery for schools and boarding schools. They managed to gather 7 parcels that were later sent to Vinnitsa, Donetsk, Zakarpattia, Zhytomyr, Ivano-Frankivsk and Kiev regions.

The Organizing Committee of World of Stationery has sent its earnings received from the sale of catalogs and entrance tickets for the treatment of children. Company’s own funds and a donation from one of the exhibitors in the amount of 15 000 hryvnias, were sent to two girls who needed urgent and expensive treatment.




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