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The Ukrainian national currency is Hryvnia (UAH).


It is preferable to bring either US dollars or European euros with you. These can be easely changed at exchange points and banks. Make sure your foreign currency bills are crisp and new looking. Rumpled, torn and written-on bills are usually rejected. Avoid changing money with private individuals.

Payment cards

Personal checks do not exist in Ukraine, but many places accept major payment cards. Travellers’ checks can be cashed in a number of banks. However, do not rely solely on credit or travellers’ checks. Cash is preferred.


The standard electric voltage in Ukraine is 220 volts. If you bring electric appliances, be sure to take a plug adapter and a sure protector.

Phone calls

Calling to Ukraine from abroad
To call someone in Ukraine, dial: country code of Ukraine + area code + subscriber's telephone number
The country code of Ukraine is: 38

Intercity direct dialing
To make domestic long-distance calls, dial: toll area code + area code + subscribre's telephone number
Toll area code: 0

International phone calls
To make international calls in Ukraine, dial: international dialing code + country code + area code + subscriber's telephone number
International dialing code: 00

!Emergency services
First aid: 103
Police: 102


Transportation services

Boryspil Airport
Information service: + 38 044 393-43-71
Online booking



Kyiv (Zhulyany) International Airport
Information service: + 38 044 585-72-54
Online booking



Railway Station
Information service: +38 044 503-70-05
Ticket booking: +38 044 503-60-50
Online booking (please, read the conditions of purchase at first)



Elit: +38 044 238-82-38
Twist: +38 044 501-69-69


Car Rental Services
Аvis: +38 044 502-20-10
Нertz: +38 044 492-32-70
Еuropcar: +38 044 281-77-37


Central Bus Station
Information service: +38 044 525-57-74



International Exhibition Centre
Kyiv, Ukraine
15 Brovarsky Avenue

+38 044 456 3804 (multi-channel)


Director of the Trade Fair

Viktoria Strukova (Kryzhanivska)

+38 044 456 3804

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General builder


+38 044 277 8382

+38 044 277 8877



Elena Krivonos

+38 063 233 2562

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